• Doing a marketing internship in Hong Kong was definitely the best decision I’ve made before graduating, and going with The ISC has made that decision so much easier. They helped me with placement with a great company, organised my visa (which saves a lot of hassle!), and set me up with a serviced studio apartment in Soho – the best location of town!

    Angela A.
    Marketing - Hong Kong


To be eligible for the program, you must be:

– At least 18 years of age

– Be enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters Degree of certain fields

– To seek an internship for no more than 3 months

– Fluent in English

– Not sure if you meet our requirements? Please contact us


Find more information about this exchange program, as well as some tips while you are in the Asia.

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North America Office

+1 305 440 9553
Brickell Bayview Center | 80 SW 8th ST, Suite 2000 | MIAMI | FL 33130 | U.S.A.

Asia Pacific Office

+63 632 541 6319
Net Lima Center | 5th Avenue Cor. 26th, Suite 10/F | MANILA | PHILIPPINES

Europe Office

+336 64 50 26 70
10 Bis Rue Paul Roth | OSNY | 95520 | FRANCE


An opportunity for you to build your career as you experience the life on the other side of the world along with a professional experience.

Hong Kong city


Hong Kong is derived from two Chinese characters ‘heung’ and ‘gong’ that literally translates as “Fragrant Harbor”.

Hong Kong has a free market economy, highly dependent on International trade and Finance.

It is a popular gateway for foreign business to enter the Chinese market as it hosts regional headquarters or representative offices for multinational companies.

Shanghai city


Shanghai, on China’s central coast, is the country’s biggest city and a global financial hub. Its heart is the Bund, a famed waterfront promenade lined with colonial-era buildings.

Our Shanghai internships offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one of the biggest cities in China, all while making important global connections and boosting their resume and future career.

The opportunities are countless. Our Shanghai internship program will set you apart in competitive job markets around the world.

singapore city


Singapore has topped a poll of the best places to live and work for expats. The unique mix of towering glass skyscrapers, tropical beaches and historic enclaves makes it one of the world’s greatest city.

Interning in Singapore will provide you with the opportunity to explore a city of high influence in the global financial market. The city is the center of an international business hub, both geographically and from a trading perspective.

Participation in the current wave of globalization

Asia has become a main spot for conducting international businesses, so internship in Asia could get you to participate in this important event and gain better prospects on current trends in your respective field and a better idea of future directions of your path if you tend to work in an international company.

Fastest Growing Continent

Asia is one of the fastest growing locations in the world. Undertaking an internship in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore will allow you to be a part of this rapidly changing environment and gain firsthand experience in your chosen field.

Enhance your knowledge and skills

With the experience you gain from this internship, you would own a better resume, which leads to a better job offer in the future. Besides that, you would probably get to learn extra languages while interning in Asia even though you are only required to master English as Asia is a region packed with multicultural countries.

For example, the 3 main ethnics in Malaysia is Malay, Chinese and Indian, so just by interning in this country, you’ll get a chance to experience at least 3 different cultures and to learn even more languages in your daily lives.

Travel Hotspot in Asia

You get to travel while working during your internship, which is a great chance for you to explore new places. For example, you don’t just get to travel in Thailand while doing your internship in Thailand, but you could also travel to countries nearby such as Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan and other South East Asia countries.

The costs to travel around Asia is considered to be much more cheaper compared to other region as the living expenses are on the lower end.